Saturday, May 12, 2007

I know, I know...

I downloaded 388 pictures off of my camera tonight. I had to; my memory card filled up today. So tonight I got all caught up with the AREA 365 photos. You should check them out. I uploaded from May 2 through May 12.

We've been pretty busy around the Oda household lately. GG came over the other day and watched Oda Mae while Oda Momma and I went out to support one of our friends who received a very prestigious honor. She was named one of the Great 100 Nurses in our area, and we went with her and her family to the ceremony and then out to eat.

Oda Mae has been singing and playing "princess" (Barbie's) nonstop for the last couple of days. She is really into the Disney Princess' now. I bought her a Princess night gown last time I was out of town and she loves it.

On the SAHD side of things, Oda Mae has been resisting everything lately. She doesn't want to get dressed, get her diaper changed, clean her hands, or anything else I deem necessary for her to do. It seems that if I tell her what I want her to do and say to her "You tell me when you are ready to do it..." and walk away, she reacts pretty quickly. Oda Momma and I discussed these little tantrums the other day. We figure that she wants to be in charge of some things, so we've started giving her her way. We tell her you can do this or that, you let me know when you are ready to do this. It seems to be working really well....for now.

This approach seems to work well for me. We've both tried other forms of discipline. Nothing else seemed to do any good. Hopefully this will work for a long time.

I've still been practicing a lot even though my gigging "season" is pretty much over. I've started a new project of recording myself often. It seems to be helping a lot! I have something to say...
Approximately one year from now, my life is going to drastically change for the better. I can't tell anyone other than those I've already told what will happen, but rest assured, it WILL happen. How? It's a secret. Thanks Sis!!!!!

Dominus Vobiscum!



Princessdedra said...

OK, that's not fair! Now I will be wondering for a whole year!

Anonymous said...

It is not for you to believe HOW it will happen just trust that the universe will take care of you, visualize what you want and it WILL happen. I see your goal daily!