Friday, December 21, 2007

Tuba Christmas

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Today Oda Mae and I went out to see our local Tuba Christmas. 70 some odd tubas and euphoniums playing Christmas tunes should not be missed. I have to admit that I've never been and this was a first for me and Oda Mae. It's really difficult to describe the sound of that many tubas, but I'll try...SCARY LOW RUMBLE with a just a hint of PITCH. I will say that maybe I'm a bit biased 'cause I'm a trumpet player.

It's a novelty really. I may go again next year just to say I went. I suppose some people would go just to say they heard their favorite euphonium player play a gig.... Those don't come up very often. Think about it... Have you ever heard a euphonium player play a solo at someones wedding. How 'bout that kickin' euphonium concert on Friday night? Nope.... Chances are that unless you were in band at some point, you don't' even know what a euphonium is.

If you have the chance to see you're local Tuba Christmas, go check them out. It'll make all the euphonium players feel better about themselves. Here are some pics from today...

Oda Mae and I taking our seats... The masses assemble...
Equipment malfunction...
In awe, amazement, horror (what ever you want to call it)...

On a much sadder note. Tuesday evening I lost a friend and a colleague who incidentally played the tuba. Mark Wolfe died in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday evening. We played in quintet together off and on during the last 3-4 years. I can honestly say that the gigs I played with Mark were some of the most memorable. We played great music with great players for great audiences. Albeit in some unusual places... I always had fun on these trips and I'll miss them and Mark.

Besides the fact that he passed only a week before Christmas, the worst part of it is that he leaves behind a wife and three children. The local musicians union has set up a fund to collect money for his family in order to assist them through this tragic time. Please go to this website; Dallas-Fort Worth Professional Musicians Association and click on the link at the left that says "Mark Wolfe Fund" read the articles that have been posted about Mark and send a contribution to help his family.



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