Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lighted the house...

Yep, folks. I've got the lights on the house now. I'll make a video soon like I usually do so you can all see the work that I've done. I'm sure you'll be impressed. I got out day before yesterday and put them up. I've actually got a few more to get up, but it's like 30 degrees outside or something like that, so I'll do it tomorrow.

The grades are in. My first step towards getting a bachelor's degree in nursing was taking Human Anatomy and Physiology I this semester. I finished this semester with an average grade of 98%. Woot! Next semester I'll take on A&P II, Chemistry and PE. I'm actually a little worried about the PE. For whatever reason they wont consider the three years of marching band I had back 13 years ago as enough physical education for one person. Guess I'll be hitting the gym this spring. Just don't make me line up for dodge ball picks, okay?

Abby and Fergus are happy that I cleaned the backyard yesterday. I am too. It looks much better.




Idaho Dad said...

I finished getting lights up today. It only took about a week, as one string after another kept failing. What is with the cheap lights being sold these days? When I was a kid, we put up the same string of lights for ten years. Now, I'm lucky if they last through one winter! This year I had two brand new lights come out of the box not working.

Congrats on the grades. Nursing is a great career. You'll never have to worry about finding a good job.

Anonymous said...

98%? Now you're just showing off!

Have you tried getting them to consider christmas light house decoration for PE credit? Ah, I shoulda been destined for so much more... (always think, think, thinkin'...) ~gg~