Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer Reading

Well, here we are again. Bet you thought it would be another couple of months, huh? I still have things to blog about, so we'll continue with Oda Mae's education today.

A few weeks ago we finished going through all the letters of the alphabet. We learned sounds that went with all of the letters and practiced writing them as well. Every week we checked out books from the library that would reinforce the letter of the "week". If any of you parents out there are interested in teaching your kids how to read there are a couple of websites I used to help us along. The first one is Brightly Beaming Resources There is a wealth of information from a mother who home schools her children. We followed her preparatory curriculum followed by her letter of the week. We also used for Oda Mae to play computer games while learning letters and sounds. We will continue to use these websites. They have been extremely valuable.

After we finished the letter of the week curriculum I checked out books for her at the library. They have several pages of single syllable words with the occasional two syllable word. So far, Oda Mae has read four of them to me so far. She knows how to sound out the words and doesn't need Daddys help! I'm pretty sure she'll be smarter than me someday.

Today we went to the library downtown for the annual Summer Reading Kickoff Extravaganza Super-duper Mega Party and we were the first ones to show up. There are perks for showing up first like hobnobbing with Mayer Mike and being used for "Photo Ops". We'll be checking out the local paper to see what shows up. See...
Then of course, there were crafts... And face painting...

Followed by story time...

Oda Mae got a little scared of the witch from "Piggy Pie" She was the farmer.

Afterwords, we were hungry AND tired. So we checked out a book, came home, ate a sandwich and fell asleep. We are both looking forward to this summer when Oda Mae can start reading books on her own for the Summer Reading Program. Yeah!

Dominus Vobiscum,

Oda Daddy

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