Thursday, July 2, 2009

It was a rocky start...

Well here we are, the beginning of July and I made it through a 6 week crash course in Microbiology. I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed the class as far as the science goes. Does that officially make me a nerd? The lab has been my favorite so far. We were able to grow some really cool (aka disgusting) stuff. And NO, I didn't contaminate myself with anything. I have to admit though, I won't ever take another science course during a six week summer term if I can help it. TMI in TLT!

Now the bad part...I believe my instructor had MPD. Good Lord! This lady had about 5 different personalities that were completely random. During the 1st week, I would have rather gouged my eyeballs out than to have to listen to this lady lecture. After that, I think she backed off a bit. Either that or I was desensitized at that point. Either way I'm done now and can look back and reflect. I have to admit, I made the lowest grade on the first test that I've made since my return to school last September. I made a 70! The test wasn't at all what I had expected and I didn't study properly. After that I made a b-line for the nearest library and practically lived there until last night. By the end, I had approximately 900 note cards that covered EVERYTHING we had covered in class. I am happy to announce that I received my final grade today of ......drum roll please........


granted, it's actually an A- (91 average), but I'll take it!

I really wish I had taken this course during a long semester. I would have enjoyed taking a little more time to really learn the material, but life doesn't always work out that way.

My next adventure....Psychology (Transitions Throughout the Lifespan). It's a FOUR week course. Starts on Monday....wish me luck.

On August 1st, I will be applying for nursing school. I hope I get in!

In the mean time....the family and I will be partying at CITG tonight and celebrating the 4th. Hot Dogs, Bean Salad, Grapes, Cookies, Pound Cake, Fireworks! Looking forward to it.



Anonymous said...

I am so happy about your A!!!!!!!
You are such an awesome student!!
I love studying science and truely wish we were going to nursing school together. However, is you need any help with your psych class just let me know. I have had a few of those classes.
Luv ya and good luck with your class on Monday!
I am a little jealous - I so wanted to take summer classes this summer!

Dad Stuff said...

Congrats! Those classes aren't easy. You're hard work paid off. Good luck in nursing.