Monday, January 4, 2010


Whoa!!!! Only 8 blog posts in 2009. Is there anybody still here? Guess I've been busy. Facebook kind of took over, but there's not much substance there. Here I can complain and it doesn't matter who I offend. :)

Let's see.....since July..........

I got into nursing school and I start in two weeks. Did anyone here know I was going into nursing? Yeah, that happened sometime last year.
Oda Mae starts going to parents day out four days a week. (She starts kindergarten next about scary)
We've been combating sickness around here for about two months (or longer).
My sister is an official cancer survivor!!!! Yea Sis!
We are almost debt free!!!
Got the Christmas lights up this year.
Got to take them down now...bummer.
Lost about 40 lbs in 2009
Gained 10 lbs during the holidays.
Gonna lose about 20-25 more starting today.

Well, that's it for now. Promise I'll be back before this summer.



The Father of Five said...

Father of five is still watching!

Tammy Mabra said...

Me, too. Congrats on nursing school. :) I here getting in is quite competitive.

Tammy Mabra said...

I meant "hear"... I'm experiencing some drain brammage lately (i share a bit about it on my blog.)

energy said...