Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bah, humbug.

A few months ago I decided not to put up any Christmas lights this year. Not gonna do Thanksgiving at my house this year either. The holiday season is upon me now and I'm up to my gills in work. I knew then that things would be busy and sure enough, I've got a paper due on Tuesday, a cardiovascular exam in a couple of weeks followed by a comprehensive final that will cover all of the body systems, related health problems, medications, nursing processes, etc. I really need to do well on the next two exams. I'm not sure what happened to the 98's I was making in A&P and Chemistry, but no such luck on the nursing exams. On top all of that, my piano instructor asked me yesterday if I would be interested in performing on the student recital in two weeks (yes, the same week as my next exam.) I'm thinking probably not. I have far exceeded my performance requirements in the musical arts.

All that being said, Allison wrote a letter to Santa a few days ago...

"Dere Satua

Love AlliSoN"


and this just in from our neighborhood association....

"Holiday Yard of the Month begins next Month!
The church was filled with residents and members expressing concerns and voting for change in the neighborhood. The submitted logo passed and will appear on all Riverbend publicity materials. After some discussion a vote to change the meeting time from 6:30pm to 7:00pm passed. A kind donation from James Toal will fund a
Holiday Yard of the Month program for two years. The holidays included in the program are Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, and Halloween. Beginning this month
and ending Dec. 13th judges will vote on homes decorated for Christmas. Prizes include: $25 cash, Holiday YOM sign, and a picture in the newsletter."

OKAY, FINE! I'll put up Christmas lights. I'm not promising 30,000+ but I better win that cash AND Father of the Year.



Idaho Dad said...

I'm not too keen on Thanksgiving this year. Or any year, really. Let's just get on with the fun of Christmas! I'm with you, though. Each year it seems like the lights are more work and expense than before. I always end up having to buy new strings of lights, so might as well just toss them when they come down after New Year's.

The Father of Five said...

Thanksgiving (which was supposed to be away this year) was at our house - we found out with less than 24 hours notice - but that was ok! We had a blast!

I too did not put up any lights... Just have to realize the limitations on my schedule.

KC said...

Can't win for losing, can you? Hah, well I agree that you're too busy for all that stuff.

laura said...

i was reading your blog and iagree on everything u say i am fallowing u i hope u fallow me back my life is so crazy read and comment

Anonymous said...

i love your blog fallow me back

laura said...

fallow me back