Sunday, October 21, 2007

Phase 1 Complete

Lieutenant: General, we’ve completed Phase 1 of operation S-D-W-A-M-H-I-B-T-Y-C-L-E, sir.

General: That’s good news Lieutenant! Do you have photographic conformation that the operation was completed successfully?

Lieutenant: Yes General, sir. Here it is, sir.

General: Lieutenant.

Lieutenant: Yes, General, sir.

General: Do any of the neighbors have any suspicions about what is going on?

Lieutenant: General, sir. Some of the neighbors have been peeping out their windows to try and get a look, but I don’t think they know exactly what is taking place. However, General, sir, there was one neighbor who drove by slowly this afternoon, looked at the soldiers and rolled his eyes while shaking his head. However, I don’t think he’ll be a problem, sir.

General: Why do you think he won’t be a problem, Lieutenant?

Lieutenant: Well, General, sir. I don’t think he will ever gain the holiday spirit. He’s never even so much as put a tree in his front window, sir.

General: Never be too cautious, Lieutenant. Make sure you keep an eye on him!

Lieutenant: Yes, General, sir.

General: Lieutenant, it’s time to commence Phase 2 of operation S-D-W-A-M-H-I-B-T-Y-C-L-E.

Lieutenant: Pardon, my objection sir, but isn’t it too early to commence Phase 2 of operation S-D-W-A-M-H-I-B-T-Y-C-L-E?

General: Lieutenant, you want to be in full combat by November 22; do you not?

Lieutenant: Yes, General, sir.

General: Then I suppose you better get to work on Phase 2 immediately.

Lieutenant: Yes, General, sir. Phase 2 will commence at 0700 tomorrow morning.

General: That’s good Lieutenant. I’ll expect a full report when you and your men are finished.



Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't you supposed to be "sick"?

And, are Oda Mae and I "your men"?


The Father of Five said...

I love these "newsreels from the front lines"!

Nonchalant Savant said...

I hope you're playing military marches on the jambox outdoors to help get into that holiday spirit!