Thursday, January 31, 2008

Out of my hole for a few minutes...

Well, the family is almost well again. Oda Mae got sick a couple of weeks ago. Then I got sick and then Oda Momma got sick. I still have a bit of phlegm though. Unfortunately, Oda Momma was sick during her trip to NY city. She was gone for three days and then came back feeling really bad. That meant three more days with Oda Mae. She's starting to feel better now. I'm really glad!

I've been in the practice room for quite some time now preparing for the upcoming audition. Hence the reason there hasn't been any blogging going on around here. I've got about 5 1/2 weeks left. That's not very much time in the practice world. I'll just do my best.

Speaking of getting more practice in, we're taking orders for "Weekends with Oda". Now that she's feeling all better, we need to get rid of her for a while. Oda Momma and I also need a date night. So just let us know when you'd like a little visitor for a day or two and we'll hook you up.*

*Please note, you must be a member of our family for this to work. No psychos please!

I'm going to crawl back into my hole now. I'll see you all again soon.




kati said...

If you and Brenda would like to fly her over here for a few days, I'll take her!

Mike said...


I was going to offer up my parents in Burleson, but that no Psychos thing just knocked them out of the running.