Thursday, January 17, 2008

What's next? Hippopotamus?

I almost forgot that I have a blog. Sorry about that.

Oda Mae has entered the realm of asking "What's next?". ALL DAY LONG, she asks me what we are going to do next. Let me give you a brief example of one of our conversations...

Oda Mae: "What's next?"
Oda Daddy: "We're going to eat breakfast."
OM: "What's next?"
OD: "Then we're going to go brush our teeth."
OM: "What's next?"
OD: "We're going to go get dressed and then we're going to go to the mall and play."
OM: "What's next?"
OD: "Then we're going to come home, eat lunch, and have quiet time."
OM: "What's after quiet time?"
OD: "Then we're going to play with puzzles."
OM: "What's next?"
OD: "We're going to make dinner and wait for momma to come home?"
OM: "Eat dinner with momma?"
OD: "YES, Oda've got it."
OM: "What's next?"
OD: "Then it's time for your bath and then nite, nite."
OM: "What's after nite, nite?"

You get the picture?

I could go through the whole week of what's next and she still isn't satisfied. I'm pretty sure that by time we've gotten to the 3rd "What's next?" she's already forgotten what IS really next.

I'm also pretty sure that the by the end of this summer I'll be getting the dreaded "Why?" question. I'm not looking forward to that.

The other night Oda Mae and I were on our way to the mall when we ran over something. Apparently it was really big and made of metal because it made a really loud noise and gave me a flat tire, but that's beside the point. After I ran over said object, Oda Mae of course kept asking what that noise was. I just kept telling her that I didn't know what it was, but not to tell momma. She proceeded to speculate as to what exactly I ran over. Here's our conversation from that evening...

OM: "What was that noise daddy?"
OD: "I don't know what it was, but it was loud wasn't it?"
OM: "Was it a donkey?"
OD: "NO, it wasn't a donkey!"
OM: "Daddy run over a dog?"
OD: "No Oda Mae, I didn't run over a dog!"
OM: "Was it a cat?"
OD: "Oda Mae, I didn't run over any animals."
OM: "Daddy run over people?"
OD: "NO way Jose! I don't know what it was."
OM: "Was it momma?"
OD: "No, I didn't run over momma."
OM: "Daddy run over hippopotamus."
OD: "I sure hope it wasn't a hippopotamus. We're in big trouble if I did."

The end.



Mike said...


Why did you run it over?

Why did it pop the tire?

Why do hippos play in the road?

Why don't you like hippos?

Which is worse, a hippo mating call or a euphonium?

Nonchalant Savant said...

Which is worse, a hippo mating call or a euphonium?

Besson or Yamaha?...