Friday, June 6, 2008


Sorry for not being around much the last month, I was abducted by aliens. I'm back now and everything seems to be doing well except for the occasional unexplained visions and sharp pain just to the right of my left nostril.

A while back I told you that Oda Mae would probably start asking the dreaded "Why?" question. So be it..... It's just about to start driving me insane. I figure maybe it'll stop if I start giving long drawn out answers. Surely she stop asking "Why?" if she knows she going to get a complete 1 hour rambling lecture in the process.

Oh, we went to South Dakota a few weeks ago. I didn't want to let cyberspace know about it until after we got back. Burglars and stuff, you know.... We had a great car trip in the Armada. We stopped whenever/wherever we wanted, had the cooler loaded, ipods charged and a couple of grandmas in the back. We drove a leisurely pace and made the trip in a couple of days. We didn't really see any major tourist sites, but I did get to make my way through some new states. We went through Oklahoma (been there), Kansas (never been there), Nebraska (never been there), Iowa (never been there), South Dakota (never been there, and Missouri (been there).

I always enjoy going through Oklahoma. I try to imagine buffalo roaming the land with indians just over the ridge. A lot of my ancestors lived in Oklahoma back in the late 1800's as well. While I didn't get to do any research this time around It's still fun to see some of the area where they lived.

Kansas is kind of nice. You can't go through Kansas and not think about the Wizard of Oz. We were pretty watchful of tornados. I tried to get the fam to let me go to the Wizard of Oz museums, but NOoooooooo, they didn't want to go 4 hours out of the way just to see some ruby slippers. Maybe next time.

I kind of zoned out in Nebraska. There's really not much there except cows and a long stretch of highway................

I have to admit that I really can't count Iowa because we were only in the very tip of the state as we got near Vermillion, SD. We did spend the night there however. :)

In South Dakota we got to attend my brother-in-law's graduation at The University of South Dakota. It rained a lot, but fortunately the ceremony was in the "Dakota Dome". It was a relatively small group and we made it to lunch at "The Roadhouse" before becoming famished. I have to say the food was GREAT! I'd go back to SD just to eat there.


You might have noticed that the header is gone from the top of my blog. Do not try to adjust your screen. It's the aliens.....they've taken over. I'll try to combat that in a couple of days.


I started putting our books on LibraryThing the other day. You can check them out over there to the left. Looks like I've used up my "free" space with 200 books. I might have to splurge for the lifetime membership of $25.00 so that I can put as many books up as I want.


Congrats to my sister! She gets to start her ONE job on Monday. The last 4 years she's been working 2 jobs (7 days a week) and going to school at the same time. As of next week, we have a weekend babysitter again! Woo Hoo!


Oda Mae said "damn" the other day. Actually, she said, "Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.....". I asked her where she learned that word, and she didn't say anything. That's probably a good thing. I'm gonna have to turn up the music when we're driving around in traffic!


We're off to day one at the water park today. Hopefully it won't be as rainy this year as it was last year. We are all hoping to get pretty water logged by the end of the summer. I gotta go find some lunch stuff, so I'll blog to you later.....

Dominus Vobiscum!



Anonymous said...

But "Frack" is okay, right?


Oda Daddy said...

Only if you're one of the final five.