Saturday, June 28, 2008

We've been busy...

It started out a pretty normal week, but it kind of snowballed on us.

Thursday morning was the Ladybug Lady at the library. Oda Mae and I had to go check her out. Did you know that ladybugs come in fun different colors like red, yellow, green, orange, purple and blue? Neither did I. They can also get very large; we're talking as big as your head large. Imagine having something like that fly onto your arm while your walking around in the garden! At the end of the presentation we all got to go outside and get a handful of ladybugs to "set free". There are 3 things that are sure to happen when you have about 1000 ladybugs and 50 little kids.
1. The ladybugs will tickle.
2. The ladybugs will go up your nose.
3. The ladybugs will get squashed when all the kids go back into the library.

Thursday night was our first monthly "Family Movie Night". Last summer the local movie theatre had a free kids movie once a week. I had been looking around for the same thing this summer with no luck. Guess they weren't making enough on popcorn and snack sales last year. Anyway, Oda Mae is getting older and can sit through something more involved than a 20 minute cartoon so we were all a little disappointed that there would be no free movies at the theatre this summer. That's when I decided to have a family movie night. We made a pretty big deal of it. First we picked our movie a couple of days in advance and decided on a fun menu for dinner. We ended up watching The Little Mermaid and having "make-your-own pizza". We all had a good time sitting down and watching the movie together.

Earlier that same day, Oda Mae and I made a blueberry pie! Oda Momma had bought two pints of fresh blueberries from a coworker earlier this week so on Thursday morning, Oda Mae and I went to the store to get one more pint and some stuff for dinner. We came home and taste tested the blueberries and through them into a pie shell with some flour, sugar, cinnamon and lemon juice. It turned out YUM!

Yesterday morning, Oda Mae and I went out to the water park for a little morning swim. First we had to make our way to two different stores to get her a new swimming suit. (She left her other one at GeeGee's house.) Here's the kicker though...Maybe I'm just old and not very in with the times, but the first store we went to didn't have any one piece suits in her size. The only swim suits I could find were bikini style. It's possible that they were sold out, but for some reason I doubt it. MY DAUGHTER IS ONLY 3! Why would I want her to wear something like that?

Why does a toddler girl (or any girl for that matter under the age of 16) need to wear anything other than a single piece bathing suit? I figure I'll try my best to teach Oda Mae to be modest when it comes to her clothing. When she is old enough to make educated and informed decisions about society (at least age 29) then she can dress however she wants. Until then, all of her flighty friends can just keep their mouths shut about how UNcool her dad is.

We went to another store and Oda Mae found a nice little "stripy" one piece (with a whole in the back) that she got to pick out herself. Then we went to the water park and played sea monster for about an hour and a half. That was fun.

Yesterday evening we went out to the Concerts in the Garden to see the "Super Awesome Laser Spectacular". The laser show was really good this year. The fireworks were great and we had a great time listening to themes from Superman, Spider Man, Star Wars and others. The snacks were also very good and provided by my sister, nephew and his friend.

This morning we are headed over to Gran's house for haircuts. The whole family is getting trimmed today. Then we're off to drop off Oda Mae at Sis' house for a fun evening of movies and junk food while Oda Momma and I go to a friends wedding tonight.

So that's all we're up to. Just hanging out.



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