Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Open Letter to My Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

In spite of your efforts to "beat" me in the dawning of your Christmas lights this year, it is highly inappropriate to actually turn them on before Thanksgiving Day. I know that some of you have been watching the house lately to see what is going on. No, we have not moved. Yes our yard still has leaves all over it and there is not even one Christmas light stapled to the roof. Yes, Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. Due to my current academic schedule (two exams, a final and a paper due within the next week) my usual festive decor will be slightly delayed this year. Please note, I am the master; you cannot compete. I will trim my dwelling, post Thanksgiving, this year.

Cordially yours,

"The Light Guy"


nonchalantsavant said...

I like it when you throw down the Christmas smack-talk. It puts me in the holiday spirit. :-)

KC said...

Woot. Yeah, get one of those nasty red LED scrolling signs to repeat your post over and over for the whole neighborhood to read :)