Friday, October 24, 2008

The Big Crash

We've been busy the past couple of weeks. Allow me to fill you in on some changes.

1. Two weeks ago, today, Oda Momma was in a car accident. Not her fault and she's okay. She was behind a few cars at a red light on the way home two Fridays ago. As she looks into her rear view mirror, she sees a grey mid-sized SUV coming up on her that isn't going to stop. He rear-ends her and knocks her into the car in front of her. The JERK proceeded to back up, go around the cars and drove off! That's right ladies and gentlemen, hit and run.

Like I said everyone was okay. The lady in front was able to drive away after the police report. Our Maxima was towed away never to be seen again.

After a week of dealing with OUR insurance we were able to pick up our settlement check and start looking for other transportation options. We decided that in order to get reliable transportation at the same payments we were making on the Armada that we would trade it in and use most of our settlement check as a down payment on two smaller cars. This week Oda Mae and I shopped at Nissan, Toyota and Honda. Ultimately, Nissan gave us the best deal and we drove home two 2008 Sentras.

I have to admit that I usually don't look for new cars, but I think we came out with an average deal that gets the family into good cars, hopefully for about the next 10 years.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy for you!!!!!!
Luv Sis

The Father of Five said...

Hey, if memory serves me (I'm too lazy to 'search') Didnt you guys loose a vehicle to a another crash not that long ago??

Oda Daddy said...

A matter of fact, we did have this very same problem a year ago. Seems October is the month for us to stay off the roads.


Dad Stuff said...

Wow! Scary. I'm glad everyone is OK. Except for the SUV maniac.

This is why I NEVER stop at red lights. It only leads to accidents.

Looks like you got a good deal on your new rides.

M said...

Glad you guys are all OK. And the new rides are great!