Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Chair, The Museum

Tomorrow night, I'll be relaxing in style...

Thank you Oda Mae and Oda Momma!!!!!!

Today we were able to attend the Modern Art Museum as well as the Kimbal Art Museum. We got in for free and and had a pretty good time. They were fairly crowded, but that was to be expected. Afterwords we went out to the Log Cabin Village where Oda Mae had a blast. We watched as pioneers cooked, sewed and told stories about life in the 1800's.

Tomorrow is lunch with Mom. MMmmmmmm, lunch.




Dad Stuff said...

Our kids love to visit pioneer towns and museums.
Then they come home and ask everyone who looks old if they were Pioneers.

Mike said...

I loved Log Cabin Village when I was a kid. Big fun on field trips.

Now that I am an old man I know the real fun is in sitting in a nice comfy recliner and snoozing the day away.