Friday, September 26, 2008

One Last Hurrah

Ah, the end of summer, the beginning of fall. The leaves begin to change colors and fall activities seem to be never ending. Yesterday Oda Mae and I decided to have one more go at playing in the water as there is a cold front supposed to come in by the end of next week. I think the high on Thursday is only supposed to be 84. :)

Tomorrow is the "Day in the District", sponsored by the Fort Worth Arts District. All of the museums are FREE! from 10 - 5. We'll see how many we can make. Also, at 2 is the Family Fun Saturday at the central library. They're supposed to have some kind of dancers there. I'm sure Oda Mae will love that.

Oda Mae and Oda Momma are getting me a "chair" for my birthday (which was yesterday, BTW). I get to pick it out myself. We went tonight to look for the perfect recliner. Didn't find it yet. I may have to force Oda Mae to come with me tomorrow afternoon to keep looking. Any suggestions for "the best" recliner out there? Wish me luck!



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