Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Goals

Okay, I guess it's time to come out with it. What have I been doing the last month or so? Well, after some serious consideration, I've decided to go back to school (again) to obtain another degree. (Trust me when I tell you I had to really think about this one. I have two degrees already)

A while back I had a pretty rough audition for a position that I really wanted. Worked my butt off. Didn't get it. Was left with a pretty bad taste in my mouth (so-to-speak) because of the whole music business. I decided to get out and look for other opportunities. I tried photography, something I really enjoy. Thought about genealogy, something I'm very interested in. After a lot of practice and thought about careers I came up with this scenario... "Same song, different verse." It's still in the arts. Still freelance. Still self-employed. Still subjective to what other people think.

I decided to go a different route....

Back in the days when I was deciding what to do with my life I really enjoyed two things: Music and Science

I chose to go with what I knew I enjoyed and truly loved doing and what I knew I was already good at. I don't regret this decision one single bit! But, it's time now to try something else. Life it too short to limit yourself. I would like to see what life is like on the non-subjective side of things; "Right vs. Wrong" as opposed to "Well that's one way you can do it, but here's what I like...."

I loved Biology back in high school and was in the honors program. My HS counselor told me that I couldn't continue in the honors program after that due to my math grades (B's). I was pretty unsure of my "smartness" after that. FRACKING LOSER!

To make a long story not so long....I've decided to try getting into nursing school. I have just a few prerequisites (mostly science classes) before I can apply. In a couple of years I can get a job anywhere in the country at a starting salary that I have only dreamed about in the music business.

That being said...time to go study "The Tissue Level of Organization"


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Anonymous said...

I think you have made a very wise decision! To be honest I think I would be an awesome nurse myself - but you know my story - I will spend my day with drunks, drug abusers, and gamblers. Good luck to you on your life changing decision!!!!!!