Sunday, November 4, 2007

Long Weekend

On Saturday I helped my sister move into her new house. Then I had to go play a gig in Rockwall for Congressman Ralph Hill. It was a very long gig (3 hour rehearsal/2 hour performance with no intermission), but it was fun. We played lots of great music.

Today we drove over to celebrate my mommas birthday. We had homemade cheesecake (by me) and homemade chicken nuggets, mashed taters, gravy and green beans (by Sis). It was yummy. Afterwords, we packed up the Armada with boxes from my sisters storage building and took them over to her new house. Then it was time to head home.

I have to say that Oda Mae never stopped today. She was running, playing, jumping, talking, singing, etc. ALL DAY LONG! I'm pretty sure that if I didn't make her take a nap every day that she would run non-stop like that every day. Since I only have one child, I'm going to ask those of you who are somewhat more experienced than I. Is is just because she is 2 1/2 years old or is it her personality that makes her just go and go and go until she just can't go any more? This child has to be doing something all the time. I have to tell you, if it's the later, I'm going to go insane before she moves across the country to go to college. She NEVER wants to just chill out. She did finally pass out in the car on the way home this evening, so our car ride was actually pretty nice. Thank heavens for small favors!



Aunt K said...

Sports. How soon before she can start soccer? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Soccer is a good idea!! Butttt seriously - toddlers are just filled with energy. Everything is a learning experience and a chance to ask questions, play, play.