Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Eve

Well, we finally made it. Today is Turkey Eve. The Oda household is in full force, cleaning up, cooking, and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. All of the Christmas lights are up and running and the neighbors are envious. A couple of tweaks today and we'll light up the neighborhood tomorrow evening. I'm just hoping no airplanes try to land on the house this year. There will of course be a "Guess the Number of Lights" contest this year. There will also be a "major award" for the person who comes closest to guessing the actual number of lights.

Oda Mae has been reading books about Thanksgiving this week. Yesterday, she was playing with her play-doh and said that she was cooking Thanksgiving dinner. She was making a turkey! She's so cute. We also got to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special last night on television. She had a good time. I tell you what, there is nothing like watching Charlie Brown and all of his friends eating popcorn and toast for Thanksgiving!

That's about all for now. I'll report back sooner or later. I'll be making a video of the lights again this year so keep watching for that. If I don't see you tomorrow and I don't get a chance to blog, then Happy Thanksgiving! more thing. For those of you attending our little Thanksgiving spectacular tomorrow, my sister is looking for a victim an actor to play the part of a "troubled teenage girl". You'll be given a list certain "problems" to present to your counselor. She needs to video tape a "counselling session" with said girl for a class project. This is a prime opportunity for somebody wanting to show off their thespian skills. Anyone interested? I swear, the video will not make it onto the blog. (Unless it proves to be just too funny not to let the world see.)

Dominus vobiscum,


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Anonymous said...

You must know that everything said in a counseling session is highly confidential!! Please help - this project is 30% of my class grade. :)