Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloweeny!

We started out the day going to The Little Gym. At the end of class Oda Mae got to play a couple of games of Hide-and-Seek. Here she is hiding in the big circle. Afterwords, we made our way to story time and listened to stories about Apples and Pumpkins. That put us in the mood to go home and eat a "Pumpkin" shaped PB&J. She got a pretty big kick out of a pumpkin shaped sandwich! We also made bats and pumpkins to color and hang off the ceiling fan. She thought that was pretty cool too.After her nap, it was time to get ready for the big outing. We decided against the princess costume and opted for something a little more original...We decided to go this year as a Punk Rocker. We had the hair, the costume, the safety pins, the boots, and the most important accessory....the Electric Guitar!Then we headed off to the concert! Here are Oda Mae and Oda Momma having a good time.Here's Oda Mae rockin' out before the concert!Here she is with Aunt Sis really getting into the act!Finally, the concert started and she got to hang with Cap'n Jack! At the end of the concert, I'm very proud to say that Oda Mae was presented with a BLUE ribbon and a goody bag for having the "Most Creative Costume"!Then it was off to the carnival at a local church. We scored lots of candy, free hot dogs, games, and cupcakes from the cakewalk!After the carnival, we headed home to partake in the winnings!A big ol' glass of milk with a pumpkin KRAZY straw makes everything go down better. Then, finally, Oda Mea hit the hay and Oda Momma and I divided up the loot! I must say that being a parent has it's perks! I'm not too sure how many more years it will take for Oda Mae to figure out that we end up eating most of her candy. :) We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

We did have a rockin good time! I am honored to have spent the evening with you all. Thank you soooo much!!!!

The Father of Five said...

Here's a Gabba-Gabba-Hey to Oda Mae from Minnesota for such a great costume!

As far as your "how long" question goes... Ask my 12 year old. Oh, don't get me wrong.. He KNOWS about it, but... I pull rank! (wink)

Anonymous said...

New background for my computer! Woot!!! Thanks for the post - I LOVE THE COSTUME!!!