Friday, April 25, 2008

The Car is Fixed....

Got my car back the same day it went in. Turns out that it was just a sensor of some sort in the transmission. Not the transmission itself thank goodness.

I got a thing cut off of my neck yesterday. That was fun. No, it wasn't my head. Quite possibly a second head trying to come in, but not my main head. I have a couple of stitches and if anybody wants to see I'll post a pic, but don't feel obligated; it's kind of gross.

Oda Mae and I are trying to decide what to do today. Maybe we'll go to the stockyards to see what's going on there. Who knows....

BTW, if you're wondering what we do everyday, make sure that you click on the picture of the day to read the comments I make. It's pretty insightful.



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