Monday, April 21, 2008

The Weekend and a 3-Year-Old

Hello all,

I've been meaning to put up an actually blog post, but have just been a little busy. Never-the-less, here it is. This weekend was an Abilene weekend for me, so I was able to get away for a couple of days. I was able to stay overnight on Thursday night this time because GeeGee was keeping Oda Mae on Friday. I decided to do a little bit of genealogy work Friday so I figured I'd get up early and head to west Texas. I left Abilene at 5am and headed for Odessa. While there I had just enough time to get some tombstone pictures and make my way over to the county library. I didn't really find anything other than the tombstone pics, but it was fun searching for a couple of hours. When I finished, I had just enough time to drive to Kermit and check out the cemetery there. I was able to get all of the pictures I needed just before I had to make my way back to Abilene for rehearsal that evening.

BTW: Uncle J. & Aunt N. Mom reminded me yesterday that you guys live in Kermit. I totally forgot. Next time, I'll make sure to give you guys a call, maybe we can catch lunch or something. I was on a pretty tight schedule anyway. You guys should come up and check out the Philharmonic in a couple of weeks. We're playing movie music and I can hook you up with tickets. :)

Unfortunately, my car started acting weird on the way back. Turns out a transmission sensor went bad. I made it back to Abilene just fine, but not with out a couple of scary-going-10-miles-an-hour-on-the-highway adventures.


Oda Mae is 3 now. That means she isn't 2 anymore. "Yes", you say. "That's usually what that means...". Let me explain. The day she turned 3, she decided that she finally knew the ropes and was going to take charge of her own life. She suddenly became her own little person. Oda Momma and I had a little chat last night about what we were going to do with her. It's too late to turn her back in for another model, guess we'll have to keep her and deal with what we've got. Lately, we've been pretty hard on her to be polite, take her naps, and generally not be a little hoodlum. I think that as she gets older, we have to one-up her on the parenting. We can't do the same things we did a year ago to get her to behave. We also have to pick our battles more selectively. She gets pretty upset about anything that she isn't allowed to do, which lately is everything. I'm pretty sure I'd get an attitude if I was told that I can't do anything that I wanted to do as well. So we're trying to come up with a compromise. We'll back off and pick our battles if she'll be a little nicer to us. I think it's going to work. Turns out she's pretty shy around other people as well, (I wonder where she got that from?). We have to really let her warm up to others on her own time.

God, this is starting to get harder every day. I thought I had it all figured out WAY BACK WHEN (Check out the entire day).



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Good Luck keeping one upon her!