Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Collecting Dead Relatives

How many times has someone come up to you after finding out what your name was and asked, "Are you related to _________?" Usually that other persons name is even spelled differently and you are almost certainly NOT related.
During my Fredericksburg concert (see post below) a gentleman came up to me during intermission and asked that question. This time, things turned out differently than they usually do.

He asked me if I was related to a Bill Tullos who lived in Venezuela many years ago...

"Well no, but...are you sure his name was Bill?"


"Was it Ed?"


"What did he do in Venezuela?"

"We worked for an oil company together."

"OMG!!!! My grandfather, Ed Tullos lived in Venezuela and worked for an oil company!"

Apparently, this gentleman worked with my grandfather way back when. He said he was a nice man. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to speak with him for very long. But, I did get a picture.
Small world!



nonchalant savant said...

I went to a networking meeting the other day and introduced myself. He said "Do you have a brother named Richard?"

"Why, yes - I do!"

"I believe I sold him his new Infinity!"

I believe he did.


nonchalant savant said...

'nother weird one...

Played a gig in Paris, Texas a few weeks ago with 2 other musicians who had affiliations with a small HS I attended in Elkhart, Indiana 35 years ago.

Double weird.

KC said...

A couple of prominent Tiptons live around these parts, and my wife and I have been asked dozens of times about our relationship to them. NO, no relation at all. It's a total coincidence.