Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cool New Mixer from Mom!

A few days ago my Momma gave me a little present...

Pretty slick, huh?

This bad boy has a Tilt Head, All-Metal Construction, Direct Drive Transmission with a 325 Watt, 9 Cup Flour Power Motor. We're also talking a 5 Quart Bowl capacity with 67 Point Planetary Mixing Action. We can go as high as 10 speeds and whip out something good with the Multi-Purpose Attachment Hub in no time flat.

Since then, I've made deep dish Chicago style pizza, two cakes (the first one of which didn't turn out very well 'cause I accidental used flour tortilla mix instead of all purpose flour), mashed potatoes, and....Kolaches.

I was inspired by my trip to Fredericksburg a few days ago to make my own. I have to admit that they turned out pretty good.

Oda Mae was looking forward to tasting some...

After dinner and a kolache to top her off, she was done..."No more kolaches, Daden...please."

Yeah, you want one now don't you?

Go Daden, Go Daden....

Dominus Vobiscum,



Mike said...

We love us our Kitchen-Aid.

After I learnt her how to make good mashed 'taters, I feel like she is my third child.

nonchalant savant said...

That'll come in handy mixing concrete, too.

KC said...

My wife got one of those a few years ago. Overly reliable ;)

It makes a good wedding gift too.