Monday, April 16, 2007

As the Rooster Crows...

It's been a while since I actually posted. I caught up on my AREA 365 this morning, and now I have some time to catch up on my goings on during the last week.

Of course last weekend was Easter weekend. I was working at a church over in Dallas. When they get the sermon online, I'll post a link so you can hear the solo stuff I played. After that I was getting ready for a big quintet concert down in Waxahachie this last Saturday. Over all the concert went well. I was pretty drained by the end of it though. I had my own little fan club show up for the concert. You can see everybody in the picture I took from in front of the audience HERE. I hope you all had a good time. Thanks for coming!

The Mozart Requiem went well last week also. Particularly because I got paid more than I was actually expecting! Woo Hoo! That happens all too rarely.

The Oda Family is doing fine this week. Still trying to get Oda Mae to pee in the potty. I'm pretty sure she holds it in until I get her diaper on then she lets loose. We're watching Elmo's Potty Time every day and it seems like all the books we're reading have something to do with going potty. I'm sure she's on to me. She does like to have her "babies" sit on the potty though. Maybe we're getting somewhere.

Oda Momma has a new co-worker.... Aunt Sis!!! Yeah, Oda Momma and I are on our way now to getting everyone who is related to us to move to FW. We need babysitters that are only 5 minutes away so that we can be spontaneous! :) Soon the Oda Family will run things in this town.

I've not been sleeping very well lately. I think part of it has to do with the rooster down the street. Every day this bird starts crowing at 4:45 am. I have half a mind to find where it lives and plan a nice Sunday dinner this weekend. Are roosters even allowed in the city limits around here? Who wants roosters anyway? Especially if you live 5 minutes from a large downtown area. I say go buy your eggs from the grocery store like everybody else! Freakin' losers.......

One last thing...I read a book last week that I saw "advertised" on another daddy blog. I don't remember which one it was or I'd put a link. Sorry. It was called "Summer of Light" by W. Dale Cramer. It was about a SAHD who found himself taking care of his three kids. He had a nack for photography and started entering shows and making some money doing that while his wife worked during the day. A lot of you SAHD's out there might really enjoy this book. It's an easy read and has several pretty funny moments. None of which remind me of anyone I know. :)

Second, one last thing....some of you know already that I have a blurb about all of the AREA 365 pictures on the FLICKR site. Would it be prudent to put those blurbs on this site as well or can you just make your way over there once in a while?

Dominus Vobiscum,


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