Monday, April 2, 2007

A Classical Story

Last Wednesday, Oda Mae and I went out for our regular Wednesday morning stuff. We went to The Little Gym and then to Story Time at the Library. After story time, we were going to go to the big library downtown and turn in some books that we checked out. Apparently, they were overdue....a few days overdue. I had decided that while we were downtown we'd call Oda Momma and see if she wanted to go to lunch with us. When I called her she said she was at Orchestra Hall, not downtown. Orchestra Hall is very close to the story time library. She invited us to come see the Kinderconcert that started in about 30 minutes and then out for lunch. We promptly said yes!

We got to Orchestra Hall in plenty of time to get the good seats at the back where we could sneak out if Oda Mae decided she didn't like live "classical" music. When the orchestra started, she sat on my lap and started dancing. She loved it! She didn't hardly make a peep. The only time she made any noise at all was when there was a solo and she said in her "regular" voice "BUMPET". She thinks they all sound like daden when he's practicing. For 45 minutes she just sat there listening and looking around. We are glad we had the opportunity to go.
After the concert, Oda Mae got a free violin lesson. See AREA 365-38.

Then we went and ate pancakes with our friends at IHOP. MMmmmmmm pancakes....

A couple of days ago, Oda Mae decided to try her hand at the "Classical" music scene. Oda Momma was fortunate enough to get it on video. So here we go...

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Nonchalant Savant said...

Dear Oda Mae:

Fish heads, fish heads
Roly-poly fish heads
Fish head, fish heads
Eat them up - YUM!

You will NEVER forget this song.