Saturday, July 14, 2007

Collecting Dead Relatives

I'm here in Indian Territory today. I'll be headed back home sometime today. Thursday I took off towards Stillwater, OK. The 4+ hour trip wasn't to bad. As soon as I made it into town I checked into the local Motel 6 and headed for the public library. I was there for only a couple of hours and found loads of information about my family. It turns out that George M. and Margaret E. Burnett (my great-great-great grandparents) were buried in Fairlawn Cemetery just a few blocks away from where I was at the library. My great-great grand uncle Roy Burnett was buried there too.

The next day, I went to visit first thing in the morning. I braved the torrential rain that had just passed over Oklahoma and waded through the ankle deep "cemetery" water to go find my people. Afterwords I headed over to OSU to get some obituaries from the microfilm newspapers they had. (The ONE reader/printer they had at the public library was "Out of Order") Unfortunately, the 6 reader/printers they had at OSU were not cooperating either. The student workers helped me out by getting the obits printed digitally for me. Thanks student workers!

Afterwords, it was time to head to the county court clerks office to check out some probate records. I photographed just over 300 individual pieces of paper. I should have plenty of "very interesting" reading over the next few days.

I finished up my research at the public library and then I was off to the great "city" of Yale, OK. Not much to speak of in Yale. A small library with "good folk" and a cemetery that provided the final resting place for my great-great grandmother Mattie B. Fowler.

Today I'm in Tulsa going to find out some more information about my indian heritage (I hope!)

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Joey said...

Wow! Great job! You really found out a lot of useful information, and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures that you snapped up in OK. Let me know if there's ever anything that I can do to help you out!