Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Potty

Now I know what the most difficult challenge in life is. The Potty! Oda Mae just wont go. She knows when she needs to go, she can tell us when she went, she can tell us what she needs to do, but when you get her on the potty she holds it. Then she holds it some more and then some more. When she is back into a diaper and all comfortable again she lets loose. This week we decided to try and go full force into the panties, see how she reacts. She loves wearing them, but seems to not get the idea that she needs to go in the potty. Yesterday, Oda Momma and I decided that maybe we should get a timer and make her sit on the potty every 15 minutes. We'll see how that goes today.

I'm pretty sure Oda Mae is ready for this, Oda Momma is not so sure. We will take any advice anyone is willing to share. Or if anyone is willing to take Oda Mae for a month or so and get the whole potty training thing done, we'll be happy to take her off your hands when you're finished.

Monday was Oda Momma's birthday. (No, I didn't just now remember that!) Last Sunday we had a little party with Cannelloni and Pineapple Up-Side-Down cake MMMMMmmmmm. I just wanted to let Oda Momma know that I didn't forget to put up post about it. There is a cute picture of Oda Momma and Oda Mae in Area 365 this week CHECK IT OUT.

Tomorrow, Oda Mae and Oda Momma are going to visit Gee Gee for an overnight adventure. I on the other hand am making a little genealogy trip to Oklahoma. I've very excited about this trip. There are lots and lots of records just waiting for me in the county clerks office. Gonna go to the county library and find some cool stuff as well. I'll keep you all updated. The best part is that I leave this afternoon as soon as Oda Momma gets home from her half day of work.

Dominus Vobiscum,


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nonchalant savant said...

It's been a long time since I potty trained anyone... but since it's a requirement to get into most colleges nowadays (I'm not sure about A&M), it appears to have all went well.

I bought a large posterboard and actually made up a big Pee & Poop Chart™ and invested in a bunch of stick-on stars. Everytime a corresponding activity had been completed (and corroborated!), the proud performer of said activity was allowed to personally place a star under the respective category - all with MUCH fanfare, bravura and huzzahs. Whitney Houston would be hard pressed to receive similar applause and adulation.

Seems to me it only took a week or so for all of the positive reinforcement to kick in.