Friday, June 29, 2007

The end of a crazy week...

Today was the Fort Worth Stockyards celebration of Blue Bell's 100 anniversary. For you city folk up north, Blue Bell is THE ice cream here in the south (arguably). If you work there you get to "eat all you can and sell the rest". We got up early, did some chores and headed out for a morning of fun. Unfortunately, today was Friday and everybody else had to work. It was just me and my girl. We both had a GREAT time.

Check it out...

The first thing we did was head over to the bouncing station. It was in the shape of a Blue Bell 1/2 Gallon Vanilla.

Then we got an authentic Blue Bell ice cream hat.

Then we went to check out he longhorns!

After that, it was time for some good old fashioned Blue Bell Ice Cream.

One of the best parts of the day was when Oda Mae won the Stick Horse Race!

We were one of the first in line for balloon animals.

Afterwords, we made our way over to the cattle drive!!!!!!!

We had a few minutes to spare so I put Oda Mae in the Ft. Worth Jail!

When she got out, we strolled over to the big gunfight show.

Then we came home, ate lunch (PB&J), and took a much deserved nap.

Yep, I'd say we made memories today. Can't wait until the next time.

Dominus Vobiscum,


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Anonymous said...

Fabuloso! What wonderful pictures, Oda-daddy-o! We're ALL sorry we had to work and missed the fun day. And you dodged the gray clouds, too, there, hmmm... Sounds perfectly perfecto.

Hasta próxima vez!