Thursday, June 21, 2007

Woo, Hoo...

Seems I've found myself with the day off today. Whatever am I to do?

GG called day before YESTERDAY and asked if she could take Oda Mae for a while, like overnight and stuff. I asked her how long would she like to keep her! Oda Momma and I took Oda Mae to GG's work yesterday afternoon all packed up and ready to spend the night. Afterwords we went to the waterpark and rode all the rides Oda Mae can't. Then we went to eat at the "Super China Buffet" down the street. Then we went to go see Pirates 3 at the Rave. I think we made the most of our evening alone.

Today, Oda Momma has to work, but I'm stuck here all by myself. The world is my oyster! Maybe I'll go back to the water park for a day of cool fun. :) Or, I could do something productive...we'll see.



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Publisher, The Whited News said...

Remember when you were younger and every day of the summer was like this? Just trying to figure out what to do with all the spare time? My how times have changed...Hope you had fun.