Thursday, June 28, 2007

What a crazy week...

Oda Mae and I have been inside most of the week cause of all the rain. Oda Momma told me that we were getting Florida's weather for some reason.

Oda Mae and I have been playing Barbies quite a lot. For anyone who cares, we need more clothes!

Monday we went to do some chores for Granny. Mostly plumming...I hate plumming, but I didn't have any problems this time around. That's a change!

Tuesday night we took Oda Mae out with our friends (in the torential rains) to eat Vietnemese food. She liked the chop sticks! Not so much Vietnemese food though.

Wednesday morning, Oda Momma and I took Oda Mae to see her first real movie in the theatre! There is a free summer movie at the local RAVE Theatre. The only G movie they are showing this summer (which BTW makes NO sense to me) was Charlotte's Web. Oda Momma and I forgot that a while back a "real" movie was made. We were thinking THE CARTOON. Oda Mae did very well. We didn't have to leave until just over an hour into the movie. She like the talking ducks!

Today, we went out looking for a "new" Photoshop disk cause I've messed up my computer pretty bad this week. I found Ver. 1.1 at a local thrift store for $10.00. It's better than $100.00 for a new Ver. 5.0. So far it seems to still do everything I was doing on Ver. 2.0.

Oh yea...We found "Rachel" today with her head popped off. It kind of scared Oda Mae until we started playing "Who Wants A Lobotomy". Okay, I know that's awful, but it was just too funny...

"Rachel" Before

"Rachel" After

I'm completely caught up on the AREA 365 Photos. If you want to look at them all in one place, double click on my FLICKR page over there to the left. I've also updated MY LITTLE PEOPLE PAGE. It's been a while since I updated that page. We've got something like 30 new Little People added to our collection! BTW we're taking suggestions on new "Movies" to make with our Little People. If there's something you would like to see....we'll consider it.

That is all for now.

Dominus Vobiscum,


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