Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stuff in my car...

Here's a fun little game we can play...

I cleaned out my car this morning. You try and guess what all I found.

Note: Not all items are visible!

Okay, here's what I got...

2 Boxes Swimming Diapers
Complete set of Mahler Symphonies (Chicago)
Chet Baker CD
Pretzels/Cheetos/Goldfish Crackers
1 Sock
Garment Bag
Multiple Hangers
Minidisk Player
2 Hotel Bills
Valve Oil
1 Chunky style little people
Green House View Finder
Doll Hat
14 Childrens Books
1 Goldfish Cracker by himself
1 Hair Clippy
1 Ponytail Holder


Anonymous said...

I can see: valve oil, library books, hangers, jacket & tie, calculatir, Oda hat, balls, toys, camera, umbrella, swim diapers, Mahler cds, mapsco and snacks. Unseen: wipes, regular diapers, random music, mute, more toys and Oda Mae?

Nonchalant Savant said...

Yeah, the valve oil was the first thing I recognized. Is that a remote control? Cds would be obvious even if you couldn't see them.

Let's see, what else?... white sox? (ewww) Directions to gigs... old snacks...