Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Mommy Bloggers

Some of you may have noticed that here at The Famfare, I've added some Mommy Blogs in addition to my Daddy Blogs list. That's just part of the new, more gender friendly site. I would love to hear of more Mommy Blogs that I should link to here at the Famfare. If you have any suggestions, or if you're a Mommy Blogger yourself, let me know where the site is located.

Princess Dedra over there just had her little girl, "Lucy Mae" on February 14th.
Kenzio had her little one on February 7.
We have another friend who unfortunately is "blogless" who also had a little girl, "Minnie Lou" on February 14th. What are the odds that we would have friends who had baby girls on the same day, VALENTINE'S DAY. Pretty crazy.

Anyway...Mommies...I want to know who you are and where your blog can be found. :)

My apologies to the guys out there for this somewhat testosterone deprived post. Here's a question for you...

See this?

Do any of you really have time to read this considering it's location? I know I usually just finish up the business and leave. I'm lucky just to get a good look at the pictures.

Just curious.

Dominus Vobiscum,



nonchalant savant said...

Re: Reading while *ahem*, 'multi-tasking.'

Mother Nature sometimes plays a cruel joke on guys by allowing their prostate to enlarge, which results in what many fiscal conservatives euphemistically refer to as "trickle down economics." So for these people, there's time. Plenty o' time.

Unfortunately, poorer eyesight typically goes hand in hand (so to speak) with this condition as it's age related, so even though there might be more time, the damn newsprint's too small.

Proving once again that Life is Unfair.

Phil said...

Some Mommy Bloggers that I enjoy...


Mike said...

Oh man. That is great. I can't believe you took a pic in there.

About the paper, yeah, just where I want to cathc up on the days news. Somewhere that smells like a bunch of dudes peed ion the floor!

Besides, what if the article continues on page 7? Do I have to get a wiater to coem turn the page for me, or what?

Oda Daddy said...

"I can't believe you took a pic in there."

Yeah, you should have seen the face of the guy standing next to me when I pulled out my camera!