Friday, September 14, 2007

Just the Facts...

-It is 3:06 am, yes AM in the morning.
-I've been awake for just over an hour.
-Oda Mae did not wake me up. Just opened my eyes and there I was, wide awake.
-Oda Mae did however call "Daden, Daden, Daden, Daden" progressively getting louder about 15 minutes ago.
-There was nothing wrong, just covered her up and came back.
-I've gone through all of my late night surfing links, blogs, etc., checked on the bank account (tomorrow's today's payday)...nothing yet.
-I'm still not sleepy.
-I'm gonna be sleepy........:(
-Probably gonna go read.
-If I go back to bed I'll probably lay there for at least 30-45 minutes with some horrible "Toddler Tune" stuck in my head.
-All of this is NOT a rare occurrence; I usually just don't post about it.
-Maybe I'll start. Might be a fun adventure. Maybe I'll see you all again tomorrow night as well.

Sweet dreams,


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