Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oda Mae's first day of school...

Yes, it came and went. Monday was Oda Mae's first day of "school". Last week you'll remember we visited a local church to check out their parent's day out program. Everything looked good and Oda Mae seemed to enjoy being there, so we signed her up.

Monday morning I packed her lunch...

PB&J, Goldfish Crackers, Apple Slices, Animal Crackers, and Juice.

After a little photo shoot, we said goodbye to Oda Momma and headed out the door. Oda Mae was very excited. When we got there I signed her in and off she went to her class. When she went in she was off into her own little world. I tried to get her to come back and give me a hug and kiss, but she said, "Daaaaaad, GO! You're crampin' my style." I gave her a hug and kiss anyway and told her I'd be back after nite, nite.

All morning I kept waiting for the PDO Director to call me to come get her. Nothing happened. I did however get the house cleaned up and managed to watch a photography video. 1:45 came waaaay too fast. I had to go pick her up.

When I got there she was going potty. When she came out she ran up and gave me a big ol' hug. That was one of the best hugs I've ever had! Her teacher said that she did very well. She didn't cry except while she was asleep. ?????????????????? And she didn't really talk. After her teacher gave her some sweet tarts, I told her to tell her teacher thank you. When she did her teacher said, "That's the first thing she's said all day!" They were also surprised that she is already potty trained. Kudos to us!

All-in-all the first day was a success!


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CRIZ LAI said...

This is so cute. Winnie hugging piglet? Nice way to show Mac your love during school.