Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st Day of Spring

Man, were we glad to see SPRING today! To celebrate, we did what everyone does on the first day of spring. We went to see buffalo!

Oda Mae and I headed out to the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. We packed up our backpack with the camera, snacks, and a couple bottles of water and headed out. The cost to get in was $4.00 for adults (me) and $2.00 for children 3 and older. Oda Mae doesn't turn three until next week, so SCORE! As we were driving up to the main center we passed a "herd" of buffalo. We decided to get out and take a look. I don't think Oda Mae we too impressed, but I liked them.

There were all kinds of trails to hike on and a nice little nature center right in the middle where they had some great hands on displays as well as some live animal aquariums.

We decided to take one of the easier trails down to the prairie dog town. We sat on a bench while we watched the prairie dogs and ate our snacks. Then we hiked back up to the center and took another look at the exhibits. We bought Oda Mae a sleep t-shirt for $3.00 and then headed home.

We had a good time.

Tonight after dinner, Oda Momma, Oda Mae and I all went out to one of the local parks where Oda Mae rode on the merry-go-round for about 45 minutes. I'm pretty sure she'll wake up tomorrow morning, still dizzy!

Dominus Vobiscum!


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