Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Break

Well, it's Spring Break over here at the Oda house now. Oda Mae does not have school next week so we're gonna do lots of stuff. Today Oda Momma, Aunt Sis, Gran, and Oda Mae all went to the quilt show. I'm sure Oda Momma will put up some pics over at her blog. You may ask, "What did Oda Daddy do all day?". Well, I started on my taxes, worked on them for about three hours and then decided to go play. Now, for all that work on my taxes, I did get just almost done. I really need to hand this off to a pro next year. It's a pain trying to keep up with all of the self-employment stuff.

Afterwords, I ate lunch (left over Cincinnati Chili, MMMMmmm)I decided to go out and practice some more photography. I'm trying to finish an online assignment. After today, I'm half way done. Though the second half won't take as long. It's really frustrating sometimes to go out and try to get a certain type of photo. However, I've noticed that the more you look at things to see if they "fit" into a certain category, you get a better understanding of what will work and what will not. Hopefully, I'll keep getting better at the basics until I have them down cold.

Next week Oda Mae and I are going to go to: "All of the parks", hiking (to see buffalo, of course), the mall, the book store, the car wash, the library (for joke books)...speaking of joke books....Oda Mae has turned into quite the comedienne. I think we'll have a little "stand-up" video next week too. We'll do lots of other stuff next week as well. Hopefully the forecasted rain will go away.



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