Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Odaday 2008

Today was Oda Mae's 3rd birthday!

-She woke up.
-Got a happy birthday call from Gran.
-Listened to Bear's Birthday Song.
-Had breakfast.
-Got dressed in a new yellow outfit.
-Went to the doctor for a checkup.
-Got a shot.
-Went through a car wash (inside the car of course).
-Went out for a birthday donut (chocolate with red sprinkles (see above)).
-Went to the library for storytime (Miss. Spider had a birthday today too!)
-Checked out books with our theme of the week (It was supposed to be snow, but we decided that was lame so we checked out books about birthdays and aliens!).
-Went to lunch with Oda Daddy and Aunt Sis.
-Came home for a much needed birthday nap.
-Listened to birthday greetings from GeeGee and PaPa Mike
-Had her favorite meal for dinner (PB&J).
-Opened a couple of presents from Oda Momma and Oda Daddy.
-Watched her new Bear in the Big Blue House video.
-Bathtime with Oda Momma.

So you may have noticed that indeed she got a shot today (in her leg). ....NOTE TO SELF-Do not take children to the doctor for annual checkup on their birthday.....

She actually did very well at the doctor. She didn't cry or anything. She's grown 1/2 inch and gained 2 1/2 lbs. Unfortunately, about 5 o'clock this evening her leg really started to hurt and she was limping around pretty bad. I felt pretty bad for taking her today. I had scheduled the appointment a couple of months ago and just wasn't thinking. All in all she had a pretty good day though.

We'll have the big party on Saturday morning if you want to come. It's a "Boots" theme this year which is decidedly different than the "Dora" theme last year. I'm sure we'll have fun.

Happy Birthday Oda Mae!!!!!!!

Love Daddy.

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