Thursday, March 27, 2008

Official Zoo Members

Today Oda Momma, Oda Mae and I went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. We got memberships and everything! Now we have unlimited access to the zoo for the next year. We'll get special deals on food, souvenirs, and promotional days (Boo at the Zoo). This will give us more stuff to do now. We can't wait to go again. I took a few good pictures today as well. Take a look...

I'm really enjoying learning more about photography. I'm using the manual mode on my camera finally and I'm starting to figure things out. My lesson this week is actually focusing on FILM. I had to break out the old 35mm and buy batteries and film for it this week. It'll be a couple of weeks before processing, but I'm looking forward to seeing some results.

This Saturday is the big Oda Party. We hope to see everyone there!




Anonymous said...

I love the zoo! Sign me up for the Boo at the Zoo trip sounds like a blast! Your pictures look great! Linda and I need to make an appointment for our photo session. And I can't wait for the party!

KC said...

They're all cute pictures... but i won't say which was the cutest.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, brilliant photos as always!

Mike said...

I love pulling out old manual the 35mm once in a while. Getting a spectacular print is awesome when you have to do a little work for it!