Monday, March 10, 2008

Time for a change...

Well, the audition was today. Two months preparing, neglecting the house work, barely getting dinner on the table and don't even mention the stress on Oda Momma and Oda Mae, and all I get is "Thank you."

That's how the music business is. Honestly, I played the best audition I've ever played and didn't even get to play more then two of the nearly twenty excerpts that I prepared. Hours of work in the practice room, waking up at 6am to warmup every day and the stress of knowing that it was going to be a crap shoot anyway doesn't lead itself to a very happy lifestyle.

I'm sure there were very valid reasons for being "dismissed". The audition was ananomous (screened) and everyone had the same chance to show there stuff during their 8 minute time slot. Up until today, every audition I've ever taken, I can pretty much tell you why I did or did not advance to the next round. Today, I can not. I played well. I made a promise to myself a few years ago that I would not give up taking auditions unless there came a day when I had no idea how to make things better. That day has come.

I'll still play the gigs that come my way. I have some steady work that I truly enjoy, but the idea of trying to put more time, energy, and money into more auditions isn't something I want to consider anymore. That's my rant.....


Here's the good part. I figure if I put the same amount of time, energy and money into something that I still enjoy and that is a refreshing change of pace, I cannot help but to do well. I've been interested in photography for a very long time so I think I'll give it a go. Right now I don't really know very much, but I'm willing to learn and put myself out there for whoever wants to see. It can't be any worse or more difficult than what I've been doing. I've already started on a two year plan that will hopefully turn into something great.

See I told you that my life was going to change.... (I suppose now that I should have been a little more specific.)




Anonymous said...

Oooh, a two year plan. I can't wait to see it! Love you lots!!


margoletta said...

sorry about the audition, dude. those 'judges' are idiots. but i love the two-yr plan. me too! me too! we gots to be happy, pappy! Love ya. ~gg~

Anonymous said...

I love you! I am all for the 2 year plan. Dreams/plans gotta have them.
You are destined for success!!

Anonymous said...

Ilove you also.We are behind the two year plan all the way.I know you can do it.Spread your wings and fly high.....judges were idiots!!!!!